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Web Engineering (351.022)


a.Univ.-Prof. Dr. Birgit Pröll (bproell(at)

Schedule and Preliminary Meeting

The course comprises 6 lectures and a final exam - see KUSSS for times and locations.

Exercises have to be worked on in Groups up to 3 students and presented in the first 1,5 hours of each lecture. Except for the preliminary meeting, which starts at 12:00, all lectures will start at 12:15.

Presence is obligatory at the beginning of the first course => preliminary meeting, which is meant for organisational issues, decision on course partcipants and group building for working on the exercises. If, for arguable reasons, your personal presence in the preliminary meeting is not possible, it is requested that a colleague assures your participation in the lecture, assigns you to a group, and circulates the information presented in the preliminary meeting; otherwise your course registaration gets chancelled.

Further, presence is obligatory when presentations of exercises are scheduled. Absence (alos if excused) will imply a reduction of points of the exercises due.

Course Description


  • Knowledge on basic and specific aspects of Web Engineering


  • Characteristics of Web Engineering
  • Web Engineering Process and Phases
  • Specific aspects of Web Engineering: Web Modellling, Performance, Usability, Personalisation, Web 2.0, Web Science


  • Exercises, final exam, in class discussion
  • For the final exam the contents of the lectures as well as the students' WE topic presentations are relevant
  • Both, exercises and final exam must be positive.
  • Absence on times of obligatory presence reduces the points of the exercises


  • Slides will be uploaded to MOODLE right before each lecture.