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Kooperationen mit Industriepartnern

Wenn Sie an Industrieprojekten interessiert sind, kontaktieren Sie bitte Prof. Philipp Gittler. Die deutsche Version dieser Seite ist in Arbeit.


Our research activities on fluid mechanics and heat transfer are open to nearly all fields of application. However there are some core areas where our institute has established a broad experience due to extensive collaborations with industrial partners.

The first of these core areas is the analysis and modelling of metallurgical flow processes in collaboration with Austria's largest steel company voestalpine and the globally active steel plant construction company Siemens VAI Metals Technologies. Nearly all flow relevant process steps - from primary and secondary metallurgy to the continuous casting of steel slabs, billets and blooms - as well as entailing issues like dedusting and cooling have been investigated.


Another major application is the design and optimisation of aircraft. Aerodynamics research focuses on induced drag reduction, flow simulation of small aircraft and of airfoils with deflected wing components, like flaps, spoliers or slats, etc.

Further examples are (see also image gallery):

  • Refrigeration unit air flow
  • Pump optimisation, bearing-less blood pump
  • Cyclones
  • Viscose rayon spinning
  • Fire Extinguishing Monitor optimisation


Our research group has extensive experience in analysing and modelling the following phenomena:

  • Laminar and turbulent flows
  • Multiphase flows
  • Chemical reactions and combustion in flows
  • Heat transfer (including radiation)
  • Magneto-hydrodynamic flows (MHD)


We try to combine the following methods of analysing a flow situation wherever possible:

  • Numerical simulations: Computational fluid dynamics (CFD), coupling with other solvers e.g. electromagnetic solver
  • Theoretical and analytical approaches
  • Experiments and measurements: Air channel, water test rig, flow measurement (PIV, CTA, ADV)

Funded Projects

A list of our current and past funded projects is available at the following link: