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Upcoming Conference: Mauterndorf Winterschool 2018

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20th International Winterschool on New Developments in Solid State Physics, Mauterndorf, Feb. 25 - March 2, 2018 ...  more of Upcoming Conference: Mauterndorf Winterschool 2018 (Titel)

Video zu Artikel "Free-running Sn precipitates..." (Gruppe Schäffler)

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Wir gratulieren Dr. Rinaldo Trotta zur Habilitation!

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"Zum Gral der Halbleitertechnik", in: Die Presse vom 8.4.2017

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© Johan Persson, DTU Kopenhagen ...  more of "Zum Gral der Halbleitertechnik", in: Die Presse vom 8.4.2017 (Titel)

Fritz Kohlrausch Preis der Österreichischen Physikalischen Gesellschaft an Rinaldo Trotta

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Video Online: "Embedding a Single Quantum Dot into a Photonic Crystal Cavity"

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Artikel OÖNachrichten: "Rinaldo Trotta: Der 1,5-Millionen-Euro-Forscher"

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Publications 2017

Dorian Ziss, Javier Martín-Sánchez, Thomas Lettner, Alma Halilovic, Giovanna Trevisi, Rinaldo Trotta, Armando Rastelli, Julian Stangl
Comparison of different bonding techniques for efficient strain transfer using piezoelectric actuators
arXiv:1702.00262 , 2017

Johannes Aberl, Petr Klenovsky, Johannes S. Wildmann, Javier Martin-Sanchez, Thomas Fromherz, Eugenio Zallo, Josef Humlicek, Armando Rastelli, Rinaldo Trotta
Inversion of the exciton built-in dipole moment in In(Ga)As quantum dots via nonlinear piezoelectric effect
arXiv:1702.08314 , 2017

Klaus D. Jöns, Katarina Stensson, Marcus Reindl, Marcin Swillo, Yongheng Huo, Val Zwiller, Armando Rastelli, Rinaldo Trotta, Gunnar Björk
Two-photon interference from two blinking quantum emitters
arXiv:1702.03278 , 2017

Marcus Reindl, Klaus D. Joens, Daniel Huber, Christian Schimpf, Yongheng Huo, Val Zwiller, Armando Rastelli, Rinaldo Trotta
Phonon-assisted two-photon interference from remote quantum emitters
arXiv:1701.07812 , 2017

Publications 2016

H. M. G. A. Tholen, J. S. Wildmann, A. Rastelli, R. Trotta, C. E. Pryor, E. Zallo, O. G. Schmidt, P. M. Koenraad, and A. Yu. Silov
Strain-induced g-factor tuning in single InGaAs/GaAs quantum dots
Phys. Rev. B, 94, 245301, (2016)

Daniel Huber, Marcus Reindl, Yongheng Huo, Huiying Huang, Johannes S. Wildmann, Oliver G. Schmidt, Armando Rastelli, and Rinaldo Trotta
Highly indistinguishable and strongly entangled photons from symmetric GaAs quantum dots
arXiv:1610.06889 [quant-ph], (2016)

J. Martín-Sánchez, R. Trotta, G. Piredda, C. Schimpf, G. Trevisi, L. Seravalli, P. Frigeri, S. Stroj, T. Lettner, M. Reindl, J. S. Wildmann, J. Edlinger and A. Rastelli
Reversible Control of In‐Plane Elastic Stress Tensor in Nanomembranes
Adv. Opt. Mater. , 4, 682 (2016)

R. Trotta, J. Martín-Sánchez, J. S. Wildmann, G. Piredda, M. Reindl, C. Schimpf, E. Zallo, S. Stroj, J. Edlinger and A. Rastelli
Wavelength-tunable sources of entangled photons interfaced with atomic vapours
Nat. Comm. ,15, 10375 (2016)

Huiying Huang, Rinaldo Trotta, Yongheng Huo, Thomas Lettner, Javier Martín-Sánchez, Daniel Huber, Johannes S. Wildmann, Marcus Reindl, Jiaxiang Zhang, Eugenio Zallo, Oliver G. Schmidt, Armando Rastelli
Electrically-Pumped Wavelength-Tunable GaAs Quantum Dots Interfaced with Rubidium Atoms
arXiv:1602.02122 [cond-mat.mes-hall], (2016)

Publications 2015

J.-P. Jahn, M. Munsch, L. Béguin, A. V Kuhlmann, M. Renggli, Y. Huo, F. Ding, R. Trotta, M. Reindl, O. G Schmidt, A. Rastelli, P. Treutlein, R. J. Warburton
An artificial Rb atom in a semiconductor with lifetime-limited linewidth
Phys. Rev. B, 92, 245439 (2015)

J. S. Wildmann, R. Trotta, J. Martn-Sánchez, E. Zallo, M. O'Steen, O.G. Schmidt and A. Rastelli,
Atomic clouds as spectrally selective and tunable delay lines for single photons from quantum dots
Phys. Rev. B, 92, 235306 (2015)

J. Zhang, J. S. Wildmann, F. Ding, R. Trotta, Y. Huo, E. Zallo, D. Huber, A. Rastelli and O. G. Schmidt
High yield and ultrafast sources of electrically triggered entangled-photon pairs based on strain-tunable quantum dots
Nature Communications 6, 10067 (2015)

F. J. R. Schülein, E. Zallo, P. Atkinson, O. G. Schmidt, R. Trotta, A. Rastelli, A. Wixforth, and H. J. Krenner
Fourier synthesis of radiofrequency nanomechanical pulses with different shapes
Nature Nanotechnology 10, 512 (2015)

R. Trotta, and A. Rastelli
Engineering of quantum dot photon sources via electro-elastic fields in Engineering the atom-photon interaction
published by Springer, edited by A. Predojevic and M. W. Mitchell (2015)
The chapter preprint can be found here.

R. Trotta, J. Martín-Sánchez, I. Daruka, C. Ortix, and A. Rastelli
Energy-Tunable Sources of Entangled Photons: A Viable Concept for Solid-State-Based Quantum Relays
Phys. Rev. Lett. 114, 150502 (2015)

Publications 2014

M. Felici, S. Birindelli, R. Trotta, M. Francardi, A. Gerardino, A. Notargiacomo, S. Rubini, F. Martelli, M. Capizzi, and A. Polimeni.
Nanoscale Tailoring of the Polarization Properties of Dilute-Nitride Semiconductors via H-Assisted Strain Engineering
Physical Review Applied 2, 065007 (2014)

M. Sytnyk, E. D. Głowacki, S. Yakunin, G. Voss, W. Schöfberger, D. Kriegner, J. Stangl, R. Trotta, C. Gollner, S. Tollabimazraehno, G. Romanazzi, Z. Bozkurt, M. Havlicek, N. S. Sariciftci, and W. Heiss.
Hydrogen-Bonded Organic Semiconductor Micro- And Nanocrystals: From Colloidal Syntheses to (Opto-) Electronic Devices
Journal of the American Chemical Society 136, 16522 (2014)

E. Zallo, R. Trotta, V. Krápek, Y. H. Huo, P. Atkinson, F. Ding, T. Šikola, A. Rastelli, O. G. Schmidt
Strain-induced active tuning of the coherent tunneling in quantum dot molecules
Physical Review B 89, 241303 (R) (2014)

R. Trotta, J. S. Wildmann, E. Zallo, O. G. Schmidt, and A. Rastelli.
Highly entangled photons from hybrid piezoelectric-semiconductor quantum dot devices
Nano Letters 14, 3439 (2014)

M. Gong, B. Hofer, E. Zallo, R. Trotta, J. Luo, A. Zunger, O. G. Schmidt, and C. Zhang.
Statistical Properties of Exciton Fine Structure Splitting and Polarization Angles in Quantum Dot Ensembles
Physical Review B 89, 205312 (2014)

S. Kumar, E. Zallo, Y. H. Lin, R. Trotta, P. Atkinson, J. D. Plumhof, F. Ding, B. D. Gerardot, S. J. Cheng, A. Rastelli, and O. G. Schmidt.
Anomalous anticrossing of neutral exciton states in GaAs/AlGaAs quantum dots
Physical Review B 89, 115309 (2014)

S. Birindelli, M. Felici, J. S. Wildmann, A. Polimeni, M. Capizzi, A. Gerardino, S. Rubini, F. Martelli , A. Rastelli, and R. Trotta.
Single Photons on Demand from Novel Site-Controlled GaAsN/GaAsN:H Quantum Dots
Nano Letters, 14, 1275 (2014)

G. Pettinari, M. Felici, R. Trotta, M. Capizzi, and A. Polimeni.
Hydrogen effects in dilute III-N-V alloys: From defect engineering to nanostructuring
Journal of Applied Physics 115, 012011 (2014)

Y. H. Huo, B. J. Witek, S. Kumar, J. R. Cardenas, J. X. Zhang, N. Akopina, R. Singh, E. Zallo, R. Grifone, D. Kriegner, R. Trotta, F. Ding, J. Stangl, V. Zwiller, G. Bester, A. Rastelli, O. G. Schmidt
A light-hole exciton in a quantum dot
Nature Physics, 10, 46 (2014)

Publications 2013

Z. Jiaxiang, F. Ding, E. Zallo, R. Trotta, B. Hofer, H. Luyang, S. Kumar, H. Yongheng, , A. Rastelli, and O. G. Schmidt
A Nanomembrane-Based Wavelength-Tunable High-Speed Single-Photon-Emitting Diode
Nano Letters 13, 5808 (2013)

R. Trotta, E. Zallo, E. Magerl, O. G. Schmidt, and A. Rastelli.
Independent control of exciton and biexciton energies in single quantum dots via electroelastic fields
Physical Review B 88, 155312 (2013)

J. D. Plumhof, R. Trotta, V. Krapek, E. Zallo, P. Atkinson, S. Kumar, A. Rastelli, and O. G. Schmidt
Tuning of the valence band mixing of excitons confined in GaAs/AlGaAs quantum dots via piezoelectric-induced anisotropic strain
Physical Review B 87, 075311 (2013)

N. Akopian, R. Trotta, E. Zallo, S. Kumar, P. Atkinson, A. Rastelli, O. G. Schmidt, and V. Zwiller.
An artificial atom locked to natural atoms
arXiv:1302.2005 (2013)

Publications 2012

M. Geddo, E. Giulotto, M. Grandi, G. Guizzetti, R. Trotta, A. Polimeni, M. Capizzi, F. Martelli.
An all optical mapping of the strain field in GaAsN/GaAsN:H wires
Applied Physics Letters 101, 191908 (2012)

R. Trotta, E. Zallo, C. Ortix, P. Atkinson, J. D. Plumhof, J. van den Brink, A. Rastelli, and O.G. Schmidt.
Universal recovery of the energy-level degeneracy of bright excitons in InGaAs quantum dots without a structure symmetry
Physical Review Letters 109, 147401 (2012)
- Viewpoint in Physics, see Physics 5, 109 (2012)