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Austrian Management Review - Vol. 7

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Erfolgreich in turbulenten Zeiten

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Elango Elangovan

Title: "Organization Theory vs. Organized Crime: Arresting the Growth of Criminal Organizations from Street-Gangs to the Hells Angels"
For the last 6 years or so, I have been working with some intelligence analysts of the BC Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit (which is a task force made up primarily of the RCMP's Organized Crime Agency) to help tackle organized crime in the province. I've used the organizational-growth cycle model by Greiner (1972) to come up with a framework to prevent (or slow down) criminal organizations in BC (from street gangs to the Hells Angels) from growing. The steps involved were as follows: modify Greiner's model to suit the crime context, map all the gangs in BC on this model, spot the ones on the cusp of moving from one stage to another stage, and have targeted solutions to prevent them from moving forward (basically removing the drivers of growth unique to each stage). In other words, make sure that the gangs with the potential to grow, don't grow. We also came up with the dimensions/metrics on which undercover officers will be collecting data on these gangs in the future.
It is a very interesting example of putting our models into practice and my experience in dealing with the RCMP was equally fascinating (could be a case in its own right). What I'm looking for now are ideas for turning this into a publication and suggestions regarding target journals. I look forward to sharing this story with you and getting your input.