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Austrian Management Review - Vol. 7

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Volume 7 of our Austrian Management Review, the journal for the knowledge transfer between theory and practice, is now available in our office and via ...  more of Austrian Management Review - Vol. 7 (Titel)

Erfolgreich in turbulenten Zeiten

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Impulse für Leadership, Change Management & Ambidexterity edited by Wolfgang H. Güttel is now available in our office and via

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Location on Campus:Hochschulfondsgebäude

We are located in "Hochschulfondsgebäude", 2nd Floor. ...  more of Location on Campus (Titel)

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SKM-Conference 2011

7th Symposium on Strategic Learning
28-30 September 2011
Johannes Kepler University Linz / Austria

SKM-Symposia provide a platform for intensive discussion and exchange of research ideas, and work in the field of Strategic Competence-based Strategic Management. The Institute of Human Resource and Change Management at the Johannes Kepler University in Linz/Austria will host the 7th SKM-Symposium in September 2011.

Firms must constantly rise to the challenge of learning strategically, if they are to gain and sustain competitive advantage. Based on the premises of the resource-based view (RBV), or-ganizations have too preserve their existing capabilities, but thy also have to constantly ad-vance their competence base in order to meet demands of a dynamically evolving environ-ment. Thus, firms have to create learning contexts, learn from others and they have to know when to prevent learning where exact replication is necessary. Therefore, they have to resolve tensions between the antagonistic development modes of exploration and exploitation (ambi-dexterity) to evolve and to adapt to changing environments and transfer successful business models in new contexts. Organizational design, human resource management systems and change management set the course for learning, in accordance with strategic aims. Hence, research on strategic learning links learning, knowledge creation, transfer, and replication with strategic objectives with the aim to generate and sustain competitive advantages on a compe-tence-based perspective.
Therefore, the symposium aims to address questions primarily, but not exclusively, on the fol-lowing topics:

  • Strategic learning: how to link learning, knowledge creation, transfer, and replication on individual, group, and organizational level with strategic objectives
  • Organizational ambidexterity: how to balance competing learning modes of explora-tion and exploitation
  • Dynamic capabilities: the firm’s ability to match or even create (market) change

For further information: SKM 2011

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