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Austrian Management Review - Vol. 7

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Volume 7 of our Austrian Management Review, the journal for the knowledge transfer between theory and practice, is now available in our office and via ...  more of Austrian Management Review - Vol. 7 (Titel)

Erfolgreich in turbulenten Zeiten

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Impulse für Leadership, Change Management & Ambidexterity edited by Wolfgang H. Güttel is now available in our office and via

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Location on Campus:Hochschulfondsgebäude

We are located in "Hochschulfondsgebäude", 2nd Floor. ...  more of Location on Campus (Titel)

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Master Seminar Innovation - HR Perspectives

In order to understand innovation we have to be clear about the resources that enable innovative processes, hence we begin the module by developing an understanding of what knowledge is. Knowledge management is a newly emerging business model, which addresses the need to appreciate human and intellectual capital as core resources within a knowledge economy. This module will enable students to develop a comprehensive understanding of the nature of business or organizational knowledge as well as the human resource management (HRM) processes within the organisation that facilitate the management of knowledge. Students will also have an opportunity to put knowledge management theory into practice by analysing case studies and by designing knowledge-­‐ based HRM solutions. Finally, current organisational practice will be shared by reviewing success stories in this emerging field.