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Lageplan / Map


Sie finden unser Institut im Zwischengeschoß des Science Park II. / You can find our department in the intermediate storey of Science Park II. ...  mehr zu Lageplan / Map (Titel)



Master's Thesis

Members of the IFAS with Phd. supervise Bachelor and Master theses in Statistics , preferably in the following areas and serve as examiners for the Master’s examination:

  • Duller: Nonparametric Statistics
  • Futschik: Modelling of high-dimensional data, Approximative Inference, Biostatistics and modelling of genomic data
  • Grün: Computational statistics, Cluster Analysis, Mixture Distributions
  • Müller: Experimental Design, Econometrics, Spatial Statistics
  • Quatember: Data Quality in Sample Surveys (Sampling Theory, Survey Designs)
  • Stehlík: Risk Management, Experimental Design, Pension Systems
  • Wagner: Time-series Analysis, Analysis of Longitudinal Data, Survival Analysis, Bayes-Statistics, Generalized Linear Models
  • Waldl: (Generalized) Linear Models, Factor Analysis

A list of Master's thesis in progress can be found in the document below. The collection of completed works can be found here