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UE Lektürekurs: Global Studies (236.048)

Kursleiterin: Veronika Wittmann
2 SeWstd / 3 ECTS (307GLOSLGSU12)

The first and second sessions aim at providing students with an introduction to Global Society: from the World in 1900 up to the Global society in the New Millennium. In this session, students will also be introduced to viewpoints of Globalization Debates, Defining Globalization, Globalization and (In)Equality as well as (Re)constructing Future Globalizations.
Students then focus in the third and fourth session on some of the main concepts with regard to concepts of World society: raising questions of why study world society, conceptualizing and models of world society as well as the question of movement from International to World Society.
The fifth session is devoted to aspects of Civilizing World Politics: Society and Community Beyond The State, World Society and the Nation-State, who’s making global civil society as well as the question of Civil Society, the State, and the Limits to Global Civil Society.
The course is completed by a final session on Sociological Cosmopolitism, including aspects of unpacking cosmopolitism for the social sciences as a research agenda, the cosmopolitan imagination: critical cosmopolitanism and social theory, visuality, mobility and the cosmopolitan: inhabiting the world from afar as well as Global Governance or World Federalism, and a Cosmopolitan Dispute on Institutional Models.

Course objectives
To provide insights into different sociological perspectives of globalization.

The assessment of this course will be made based on following requirements:
- Presentation of a selected topics in the seminar.
- Participating in the Discussion Forums.
- Find another article in a book or scientific journal that deals with your topic.
Write an abstract about the selected article and comment on the article.

Required reading
Crossly, Pamela K./Lees, Lynn H./Servos, John W. (ed.) 2004: Global Society: The World Since 1900, Boston/New York: Houghton Mifflin Company.

Scholte, Jan A. 2005: Globalization: a Critical introduction, Second edition, Hamshire/New York: Palgrave Macmillian.