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For this year's alumni network meeting in January 2017 we had an interesting discussion on "Universities across cultures - Present and future". We thank our discussants Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Leitner (Universität Graz and Austrian Institutute of Technology), Prof. Jennie Sumelius (University of Vaasa) and Prof. Jay Rubin (NYU) for their enriching insights into different university systems.

Die Macher - Wirtschaftsmagazin für Oberösterreich
Ausgabe 02_Sommer 2014

May 2014:

3rd Alumni Network Meeting in May 2014

“Becoming international – what`s next?”

Which challenges and risks do Austrian companies face when wanting to become a ‘global player’?
What happens, if companies become international, if they internationalize beyond exporting and found subsidiaries?
At which point in time can companies be called international, and are they forced to internationalize or do they actively internationalize themselves?

These and further questions were discussed at the 4th Alumni Networking Meeting of the Department of International Management jointly hosted with KEPLER SOCIETY on May 15th, 2014. Managers of three successful Upper Austrian companies (SMEs) – Mag. Bernhard Freiseisen, Fronius GmbH, Mag. Hubert Lehenbauer, Rübig GmbH & Co KG, Mag. Wilfried Blaschke, Berner GmbH - shared their experiences and failures in internationalization and highlighted which effects internationalizing has on management, employees, mobility or strategic decisions.

In a lively panel discussion the companies emphasized the importance of not growing too fast in order to adapt internal processes, of sharpening the employees’ international awareness regarding languages and cultures, and of adapting behavior and practices to unique host-country conditions, if necessary. All companies regard adjusting internal processes and educating the global mindset of employees as essential core for future effective international growth. Iris Fischlmayr, Associate Professor and head of the Department of International Management, concluded that companies without internationally thinking employees should not be called international since the employees are the ones who can successfully drive the internationalization process.

After the discussion, the audience honored the panelists with interesting questions and continued the discussion and networking at the buffet. Overall, the event successfully contributed to the aim of strengthening the students’ awareness to think internationally as mentioned by Mag. Johannes Pracher, head of KEPLER SOCIETY.

April 2014:
May 15th: 4th Alumni Event: Becoming International - What's next?

January 2014:
Save the date
Our next Alumni Event together with Deloitte and the Kepler Society will take place on May 15th, 2014 (18:30 at Halle C).

The event will be hosted as a panel discussion and our company representatives will try to provide some answers to the question “Becoming international – what´s next?” We are looking forward to their experiences and insights and would be happy to welcome you!

Further information will be posted regularly on our facebook site - follow us via

June 2013:
3rd Alumni Event on "Careers in a Global World"

May 2013:
June 5th: 3rd Alumni Event: Careers in a Global World

Our next Alumni Event will take place on June 5th at 18:30 - we will have a podium discussion on "Careers in a Global World" with HR managers from globally operating companies, an HR-professor from Finland and a JKU-alumni with an international career.
We are looking forward to see you - more detailed information upcoming soon!

May 2012:

What is it what I really want to do in my (work) life?
Is my current work a job, a career or a calling?
What if I have found my calling but cannot pursue it?

These and similar questions Prof. Elangovan raised in his presentation at our 2nd Alumni Network Meeting on May 24th. „I want you to take this personally“, so the speaker at the beginning. And that´s what the audience did – plenty of former and current members of the Department, members of the Kepler Society Almuni Club and several other guests from companies, the JKU and other universities, became thoughtful through the provoking questions and topics.

Elango presented profound research on the meanings and approaches to callings from interdisciplinary angles such as religion, philosophy, psychology, and management. In a lively and touching presentation he suggested the audience to look at their work as a calling entailing a sense of meaningfulness, purpose and authenticity. In order not to keep his message on a theoretical level, he showed ways how to apply this to one´s own life. “If you succeed to design your job in a way you can pursue your calling, you will reach higher engagement, passion and satisfaction.”

After the presentation as well as during the buffet, the participants took the unique opportunity to ask questions, discuss the topic with Elango, and find out more about their callings.

SAVE THE DATE for the department's SECOND ALUMNI EVENT on 24.05.2012! After the success of the first event, we are looking forward to meeting you again.

First Alumni Network Meeting of the Department of International Management in November 2011

„Never Do what the Customers Want“ or „Customer Pain is the Main Driver for Business“

These rather unconventional but honest and valuable recommendations are a perfect example of what DI Bernd Greifeneder presented to the guests of the 1st Alumni Network Meeting of the Department of International Management.

In his lively speech „dynaTrace: Lessons Learned – From a Local Start-up to a Global Technology Leader“ he gave many insights into the success story of dynaTrace, which he had founded in 2005. He told the audience about the barriers during the foundation phase, the search for appropriate investors, the cultural differences faced during internationalization, the financial crisis and the surprise offer by Compuware to buy the company for 256 million Dollars. Being asked whether and how this changed his life, he stressed that he is still the same person as when founding the company, that he remains CTO and intends to keep the company culture alive that brought dynaTrace and its employees (close to 200 employees by now) to its huge success.

The audience honored his presentation and insights with applause and many interesting questions. Lively discussions continued during the informal part of the evening. With good food and wine, networking among former and current students of the department became easy. In sum, this first alumni meeting, jointly hosted by the Department of International Management and the Kepler Society represented by Mag. Florian Hippesroither, was a big success and calls for follow-ups.

PS „+40“ (new R&D jobs in Linz) is dynaTrace´s aim until the end of 2012 – detailed job profiles can be found under