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We are located in the Hochschulfondsgebäude on the 2nd Floor Room 224. ...  more of Location (Titel)


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About us!

“A scholar’s quest often requires sojourns in locales and communities of practice that can inspire and ignite us to challenge, stretch and enrich our ways of thinking. JKU has been that place for me since the late 1990s – I consider my visits to JKU an 'intellectual pilgrimage'. JKU has been a critical part of my journey and I’ve grown as a researcher and teacher because of my time here. I’m delighted to be a part of JKU’s extended community”.

Prof.. A. R. Elangovan
3M National Teaching Fellow Director, International Programs Gustavson School of Business University of Victoria Canada

NYU Stern has worked with JKU every year since 2009 through a joint project training virtual teams. I find the JKU students to be intelligent, dedicated and enthusiastic. It seems easy to implement an exciting project within a course, and if it is outdated, replace it with a new idea. Keep this freedom and flexibility! It is my pleasure to continue our collaboration with JKU.

Prof. Jeffrey J. Younger, Stern School of Business, New York University

„I would not want to miss my international research collaboration with colleagues at JKU. Together we explore fundamental questions about student learning in multinational teams and international business context. The research is relevant, applied, practical, and above all fascinating and engaging. Our collaboration across countries is intellectually stimulating and enriching. I have very fond memories of teaching at JKU, where the students are engaged and committed to their own learning. It has been a real pleasure teaching in this context.“

Tine Köhler, PhD, Senior Lecturer in International Management, University of Melbourne, Australia

I have been visiting JKU every year for more than five years, and always look forward to it. A vibrant community of scholars, great students, and interesting discussions. I am particularly impressed with the faculty's close relationships with the local business community.

Prof. Kristiina Mäkelä International Business, Vice-Dean Aalto University School of Business, Helsinki

"When my colleagues at New York University ask me about the learning environment at JKU and its Department of International Management, words like open-minded, globally focused, relevant, and supportive typically come up in conversation. My two weeks at JKU each year as an external lecturer, of course, only provide a quick snapshot of all that's offered to students. But that's more than enough to recognize the quality and the spirit of the JKU educational experience -- and to keep me looking forward to my next time in Linz."

Prof. Jay Rubin, NEW YORK UNIVERSITY Stern School of Business

"Export and international activities are the core of our Upper Austrian economy. The Department of International Management under the lead of Dr. Iris Fischlmayr perfectly contributes to this, with its mix of profound scientific knowledge and research on the one hand, practical application of this knowledge and giving answers to questions and needs of the business world on the other hand. Teaching only in English language, with students from different nations, the institute not only teaches but really lives internationalisation - giving students the opportunity to gain a key prerequisite of international management: fresh, open and critical thinking beyound borders and cultures."

Dr. Stefan Leitl, Baustoff-Interhandel GmbH