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Information regarding Diploma Thesis Proposals

You may hand in your proposal anytime during the academic year (in electronic form to the secretaries). The team will review the proposal and contact you regarding acceptance or rejection. Acceptance of the proposal is a pre-requisite for attending the Diploma Seminar. Thus, your proposal needs to be handed in and accepted by semester start. Deadline for hand-in: first day of the semester, i.e. October 1st and March 1st. For further information please check "Diploma Thesis: Admissions and Process".

July 2014:

The Department of International Management has contributed to this year´s Kinderuni with two lectures, one on "Different cultures - Different habits" and one on "An imaginary trip to Brazil". As Iris Fischlmayr is teaching at the University of Melbourne at the moment, we enjoyed a webconference lecture which she did together with her 7-year old daughter Laetizia. The kids did not only learn about diverse aspects of the Australian culture but were asked about their own "Aussie... knowledge" via the game "1, 2 or 3" on questions about Australia. Most interesting for the kids were the insights into the Australian school system and seeing Laetizia in her school uniform. What everyone took away was that different cultures do have different habits and behavior but those are not right, wrong, better or worse but just different .- And diversity enriches all our lives.
In the second workshop on Brazil the children received an overview of the country by connecting to the recent soccer worldcup in Brazil. Moreover, sequences of the children's movies 'Rio' and 'Rio 2' were connected to introducing life in Rio de Janeiro and the Amazonas. Pictures of typical food and fruits of Brazil made everybody hungry. The children were especially fascinated about the Protuguese language, and quickly started to learn basic introduction phrases. The sesssion was ended with Carneval and a little bit of Samba dancing.
Overall, it was a fruitful and exciting morning emphasizing the children's open-mindedness, awareness and interest in other cultures.

July 2014

New Examination Literature List Valid from October 2014 Exam Date
Please be aware that we have updated our Examination Literature List and it will be valid from the October 2014 exam date!

Proposal Deadline - October 1st
Master and Diploma Thesis Proposals are due by October 1st! Please check our "Downloads" section for more info on proposal admission and procedures!

June, 2014:

"Network Meeting of the Upper Austrian Polymer Industry and Upper Austrian Polymer Talents."

23rd of June, 2014
4:30 pm
JKU Linz

June, 2014:

Prof. Fischlmayr will participate in several expert talks and workshops on special topics in expatriate management, organized by Deloitte Vienna, Expat Center Vienna as well as JKU.

May 2014:

3rd Alumni Network Meeting in May 2014

“Becoming international – what`s next?”
Which challenges and risks do Austrian companies face when wanting to become a ‘global player’?
What happens, if companies become international, if they internationalize beyond exporting and found subsidiaries?
At which point in time can companies be called international, and are they forced to internationalize or do they actively internationalize themselves?

These and further questions were discussed at the 4th Alumni Networking Meeting of the Department of International Management jointly hosted with KEPLER SOCIETY on May 15th, 2014. Managers of three successful Upper Austrian companies (SMEs) – Mag. Bernhard Freiseisen, Fronius GmbH, Mag. Hubert Lehenbauer, Rübig GmbH & Co KG, Mag. Wilfried Blaschke, Berner GmbH - shared their experiences and failures in internationalization and highlighted which effects internationalizing has on management, employees, mobility or strategic decisions.

In a lively panel discussion the companies emphasized the importance of not growing too fast in order to adapt internal processes, of sharpening the employees’ international awareness regarding languages and cultures, and of adapting behavior and practices to unique host-country conditions, if necessary. All companies regard adjusting internal processes and educating the global mindset of employees as essential core for future effective international growth. Iris Fischlmayr, Associate Professor and head of the Department of International Management, concluded that companies without internationally thinking employees should not be called international since the employees are the ones who can successfully drive the internationalization process.

After the discussion, the audience honored the panelists with interesting questions and continued the discussion and networking at the buffet. Overall, the event successfully contributed to the aim of strengthening the students’ awareness to think internationally as mentioned by Mag. Johannes Pracher, head of KEPLER SOCIETY.

May 2014:
Thanks to Dr. Wölfer from Borealis for his enriching, cross-disciplinary and interesting presentation on "Borealis´ journey from an Austrian to a global polyolefine company" in the course "Global Management & Startegy" offered for students of Management in Polymer Technology and Technical Chemistry.

April 2014:
May 15th: 4th Alumni Event: Becoming International - What's next?

April 2014:
News from our secretary's office: Ms. Meditz is back from her maternity leave and "back in business" from today on....
Welcome back again, Erika!

March 2014:
Expatriation Management - Workshop Series by Prof Fischlmayr in cooperation with Netzwerk Humanressoucen

March 2014:
Student or recent graduate scholarship for European Forum Alpbach 2014

February 2014:
Please be aware that as of February 2014 the final exam questions may vary according to which examiner you choose. The literature for the exams and the structure of the exams will remain the same!

February 2014:
We are very sorry to announce that Ms. Strutzenberger is no longer available as a reasearch and teaching assistent at our department as she fulfilled her contract by the end of January. We honestly thank her for all the effort and motivation that she put in her work and wish her all the best for her future career! We are very glad that she will continue her affiliation with the department as an external lecturer!

January 2014:
We are looking for a new member in our team. Please find the job announcement below. Do not hesitate to ask us if there are further questions.

January 2014:
Save the date
Our next Alumni Event together with Deloitte and the Kepler Society will take place on May 15th, 2014 (18:30 at Halle C).

The event will be hosted as a panel discussion and our company representatives will try to provide some answers to the question “Becoming international – what´s next?” We are looking forward to their experiences and insights and would be happy to welcome you!

Further information will be posted regularly on our facebook site - follow us via

January 2014:
We would like to make you aware of the ACADEMIA SUPERIOR WORKSHOP for students („Grenzerfahrungen“ oder „Die Kraft, aus Krisen zu wachsen“), taking place on February 26th 2014 at JKU connected to the ACADEMIA SUPERIOR SUPRISE FACTORS SYMPOSIUM 2014.
Please find further information in the provided PDF File or at