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About us

Logo Institut Integriert Studieren

Information- and communication technologies (ICT) have become a central enabler for people with disabilites. They build the foundation for a mutitude of assistive technologies.
With the spread of ICT people with disabilities have found a central anchor for the access and the participation in the information society.
Meanwhile the necessity of accessible design within the information society is a common and aknowledged goal of our community.


The Institute Integriert Studieren

The institute developed out of a pilot project begun in 1991. The pilot project provided services for people with disabilities, with special focus on information and communication technologies for people with disabilities in research and developement.

Research at the institute is undertaken in the sphere of "Disability". Although this origin was very much focused on technological issues, other areas of investigation have since been established. Research is currently undertaken in the fields of "eAccessibility", "Mathematics & Games" and "Social Integration".

Support for Students with Disabilities

With the support of more than 100 students with disabilities at different faculties at the Johannes Kepler University of Linz and in co-operation with five Austrian partner universities who rose to the same challenge, it can be demonstrated theat integration is possible, necessary and essential.

Research and Development

With over 50 completed research projects at the regional, national and international level, which were carried out at the institute Integriert Studieren it was possible to achieve fundamental contributions to establishing the fields of research of assistive technology, design for all and (e)inclusion.

Integriert Studieren organises since 1996 the bi-annual conference ICCHP (International Comference on Computers Helping People with Special Needs) which is acknowledged among experts as authoritative in this area of interest.