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User Interaction Description Languages to create accessible interfaces for elderly people [BA,MA]


Creating a device independent user interaction requires a description how the user interaction has to occur and which ways of interaction a single device offers. Different description languages have been developed but most of them are not commonly used or documented well.

Our aim

We want to apply such technologies to create accessible and interoperable user interfaces for elderly people and people with disabilities in the context of Ambient Assisted Living Environments.

Work to be performed

Existing User Interaction Description Languages should be identified, analyzed and tested concerning their suitability for the requested application field with a focus on interoperability and accessibility.

For selected languages example programs have to be developed that show the functionality on different platforms and devices.

Requested qualification

  • Experience in XML
  • Java and / or C# / Objective-C experience
  • Programming for iOS and / or Android
  • Understanding of accessibility criteria (WCAG2.0)
  • Interest in creating accessible and interoperable user interfaces


Bachelor thesis: 3-6month
Master thesis: 6-10month

We offer to be part of an interdisciplinary team that is willing to support you in your bachelor/master thesis.


a.Univ.-Prof. Dr. Klaus Miesenberger

Dipl.Ing. Martin Morandell