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Machine Dynamics

Keywords: Vibrations, Dynamics of Machines, Computational Mechanics, Numerical Simulations, FEA (Finite Element Analysis)

Introduction and Survey

Automation of manufacturing processes has become more and more self-evident during the last decades. Sensors, actuators and intelligent control systems support and improve the production processes to an extent, that quality parameters such as dimensional tolerances or variations of material parameters could be improved drastically. Utilising the benefits of Mechatronics, new generations of production machines and lines could be established. As a consequence, Mechatronics has spread from micromechanics long ago even to heavy machinery, such as rolling mills, showing the advantages of integrating sophisticated control technologies, sensor equipment and heavy actuators into a very complex and high speed process. High speed processes, in general, are highly dynamic, hence, increased attention must be focussed on the dynamics of mechanical, hydraulic and electrical actuators, which are components of the controlled system.

Mechanical actuators are applied to many manufacturing processes and used within various control loops. To be able to predict vibration phenomena such as chatter or self-excitation, and to correctly design a machine including actuators, sensors and control devices, dynamic simulation is indispensable. Our main objective of modelling and simulation in this context is to develop improved mathematical models of mechanical components. These models have to describe the relevant physical phenomena and are to be used also in other dynamic simulation tools in order to get more insight into complex vibration phenomena.

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Prof. Klaus Zeman