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Campus map - Science Park

Our institute is located in the Science Park (building element 1), 1st floor, room MT 0174! ...  more of How to find us (Titel)

Mechatronik JKU

Mechatronik JKU

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Videos of the Institute

Hydraulic Buck Converter

The principle of the hydraulic buck converter (step down converter) corresponds largely with the electric buck converter (see the schematic of both devices). In the forward mode (to lift the load Flast) the pressure sided switching valve VP is operated in a pulse-width control mode. When the valve is on, the fluid in the inductance pipe (LH) is accelerated and when VP is off, the momentum of that fluid makes fluid from the tank line (pT) to be sucked into the system via the check valve VCHK,T. In this way much higher energetic efficiencies are achieved than with proportional valves, which just waste the surplus of pressure (pS-plast). This converter can recuperate energy when the load is lowered by a proper switching of the valve VT. Then it works as the hydraulic ram which is a step up converter.
This system requires quite high switching frequencies in the range beyond 50 Hz for a reasonable compactness.

Hydraulically Actuated Robotic Leg

The leg was developed by the Italian Institute of Technology. IMH tested the application of the hydraulic buck converter for a more efficient hydraulic actuation.


Spectacular Examples of Hydraulic Drives and Actuators

Videos of different pumps

Swash plate axial piston pump

Rotary piston pump

Screw pump