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News & Events


Erhard Aichinger wins 2nd prize in "Vote your prof" election by the Aktionsgemeinschaft (AG)

Our institute member Erhard Aichinger was awarded a second prize in the TNF for his teaching efforts in winter semester 2020/21. From the beginning of…


Clemens Hofstadler receives Appreciation award

Clemens Hofstadler has been awarded the Appreciation award of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research.


Cyrille Chenavier will move to Limoges

In an age where it is increasingly difficult for young researchers to find permanent employments in an academic environment, it is our pleasure to…


CASC 2020

The international conference on Computer Algebra and Scientific Computing 2020 took place from September 14th to September 18th.


Mathematics at the JKU Science Holidays

The Institute for Algebra contributes 23 workshops to this year's JKU's summer program for children.


Sebastian Kreinecker completed his Ph.D. studies

Sebastian Kreinecker successfully defended his thesis "Closed sets of functions on algebras of prime power order"

FWF Logo

FWF application "Equations in Universal Algebra" approved.

In its board meeting on June 30, the Austrian Science Fund FWF has approved Erhard Aichinger's grant application "Equations in Universal Algebra". The…


Master's Program Computer Mathematics

A new curriculum will come into effect in October 2020


Stefano Fioravanti completed his Ph.D. studies

Stefano Fioravanti successfully defended his thesis "Clonoids, clones, and Mal’cev conditions".