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The Ukrainian Team for the International Mathematics Olympiad trains at JKU.

We are happy to support the national team of Ukraine by organizing a training and selection camp in Linz.

Flag of Ukraine
© Pixabay

The International Mathematics Olympiad is a prestigious competition among young mathematicians from all over the world. National teams invest a lot of time and energy into the training for this event. Because of the ongoing war in their country, the preparation of the Ukraine team was seriously hampered. We have therefore invited the team to a training camp at JKU in order to prepare for the upcoming Olympiad in Norway.

We appreciate the generous support of RICAM, the Department for STEM Education, the Institute for Applied Geometry, the Institute for Financial Mathematics and Applied Number Theory and the JKU event management, who have made it possible to organize this event on short notice. We extend special thanks to XTX Markets and Leitner Leitner for their very generous financial and practical support. We also thank Oleksiy Klurman (University of Bristol), Oliver Roche-Newton (Institute for Algebra, JKU) and several other volunteers for their initiative and the energy they invested in order to make this happen.

Further information: https://www.imo2022.org/, öffnet eine externe URL in einem neuen Fenster