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IK Governance


2 SS or 3 ECTS


After passing this course, you have knowledge of the basic concepts of corporate governance. You are are aware of the role of important governance characteristics and can evaluate how they affect firms as well as

their shareholder and stakeholders. You understand how corporate social responsibility (CSR) is related to corporate governance and know the specific

peculiarities of family firms.

Course Content

  • Defining corporate governance and key theoretical models
  • Corporate control across the world
  • Control versus ownership rights
  • Incentivizing managers and disciplining of badly performing managers
  • Family firms
  • Taxonomies of corporate governance systems
  • Boards of directors
  • Corporate social responsibility and socially responsible investmen

Evaluation criteria

Participation and Presentations, Exam 


Goergen, M. (2018), Corporate Governance. A Global

Perspective, Andover: Cengage Learning EMEA (ISBN: 9781473759183)