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Genetic Code Expansion/Isabella Derler

Leitung Arbeitsgruppe - Genetic Code Expansion

Curriculum Vitae

Assistant Professor
(University of Linz)

University Assistant - Tenure Track Position Biophysical Signalling
(University of Linz)

Project leader (* maternity leave in 2015/16; 2019/20) (University of Linz)

Postdoctoral fellow at the Institute for Biophysics (University of Linz)

Postgraduate fellow at the Institute for Biophysics (University of Linz)

It is our aim to obtain a detailed understanding of ion channel mechanisms at the structural level in the living cell which is crucial for the development of future therapeutic approaches. To achieve this goal, we use a combined approach of the novel genetic code expansion technology together with a set of traditional methods including molecular biology, biochemistry, Ca2+ imaging, electrophysiology and fluorescence microscopy. Specifically, we

  • Characterize biophysical characteristics of ion channels.

  • Study interactions of ion channels, both within their complex and with their regulatory proteins.

  • Investigate the pharmacology of ion channels.

  • Transfer novel biophysical and biochemical properties (e.g. light-sensitivity) to single amino acids of ion channels.



Name Position Room Phone Extension E-Mail
Adela Tiffner Post Doc 120 7606 adela.tiffner@jku.at
Lena Maltan Doktorandin 217 7611 lena.maltan@jku.at
Hadil Najjar Doktorandin 217 7611 hadil.najjar(at)jku.at
Sarah Weiß Doktorandin 120 7606


Valentina Hopl Doktorandin 217 7611


Ana-Marija Andova Master Studentin 217 7611  
Lorenz Höbarth Studentischer Mitarbeiter 217 7611