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Students supervision

Co-supervised Post-Doctorial Fellows

Carmen Butorac: contributed to the initial key studies on the use of unnatural amino acids on Orai channels. In 2018

Adéla Krizova: Studies on co-regulation of Orai1 and SK channels. Since 2020

Co-supervised PhD students

Hadil Najjar: Ongoing

Valentina Hopl: Ongoing

Sarah Weiß: Ongoing

Lena Maltan: Unnatural amino acids reveal novel insights in STIM1-Orai mechanisms. Ongoing

Adéla Krizova: Detailed insights in the regulatory roles of STIM and Orai. Finished 2020

Carmen Butorac: STIM1 and Orai1 –Structure, Function and Interaction. Finished 2017

Peter Plenk: The role of the conserved extended Orai1 N-terminus in STIM1 coupling and gating. Finished 2013

Barbara Lackner: Resolution of functional domains and auxiliary factors fine-tuning STIM1/Orai signaling. Finished 2012

Co-supervised Master students

5 of 13 students are from the study program biophysics. 6 are from the study program molecular biology. 1 is from food technology and nutrition. 1 student is from the study program biological chemistry.

Anna Blaimschein: Precise resolution of specific steps of the CRAC channel machinery using light-sensitive unnatural amino acids. Finished 2020

Valentina Hopl: Detailed insights into the SK3-Orai1 channel interplay. Finished 2020

Hadil Najjar: Illuminating the mystery of Orai1 pore opening using photocrosslinkers. Finished 2020

Sarah Weiß: A screen through the ORAI1 transmembrane domains using unnatural amino acids. Finished 2020

Melanie Leopold: Characterization of STIM1 and Orai1 proteins using optoproteomics. Finished 2018

Lena Maltan: Genetic code expansion as a tool to identify functional and structural properties of ion channels. Finished 2018

Christa Ranetbauer: Analysis of cancer related Ca2+ channel proteins. Finished 2018

Andreas Fuchsluger: Building Up and Testing a Patch-Clamp Setup for Optogenetics. Finished 2018

Adéla Krizova: Electrophysiology studies providing insights into the STIM1/Orai1 machinery. Finished 2017

Michael Stadlbauer: Functional aspects of the CRAC channel components STIM1 and Orai explored via point mutational analysis. Finished 2014

Peter Heftberger:        Combining FRET and Current measurements at the single cell level. Finished 2012

                                      Biophysikalische Methoden als fächerübergreifendes Schulprojekt. Finished 2014

Bernhard Polzinger: Regulation of STIM-Orai-induced Ca2+ entry analysed with Fura-2-imaging. Finished 2007

Eva Peichl: Regulation of calcium homeostasis by stromal interaction molecule 1 (STIM1) and calcium binding protein 1 (CaBP1). Finished 2006


Co-supervised Bachelor students

5 of 14 students are of the study program biological chemistry. 1 is from the study program biophysics and 8 are from the study program molecular biology.

Natalia Pokorna: Dynamics of membrane proteins. Ongoing

Stefanie Hartl: Genetic Code Expansion using unnatural amino acids. Finished 2020

Mariam Marawan: Critical residues within Orai1 capture permissive channel conformation. Finished 2020

Daniel Wallner: Characterization of the TM3/TM4 interplay in Orai activation. Finished 2019

Eva Huber: Role of three cytosolic residues in Orai activation. Finished 2019

Julian Stein: The effect of loss- and gain-of-function mutations on photocrosslinking at L174 in Orai1. Finsihed 2018

Verena Fettinger: The effect of constitutively activating single point mutants on photocrosslinking at Orai1 L174. Ongoing

Nora Müller: The role of CaM in SK3 channels activation. Finished 2018

Ana-Marija Andova: Key determinant mediating the interplay of Orai1 and SK3. Ongoing

Sarah Weiß: Photocrosslinking of TM3 and TM4. Finished 2018

Leonhard Stöckl: The influence of light activation on ORAI1 mutants employing unnatural amino acid mutagenesis. Finished 2018

Dominik Baumann: Synthesis and Incorporation of Photosensitive Unnatural Amino Acids. Finished 2018

Cornelia Böhm: Application Of Cell Culture Techniques And Patch-Clamp To Study Function Of The Ca2+-Selective Ion Channel Orai. Finished 2015

Markus Kraller: Manipulating endogenous CRAC currents by STIM1 mutants. Finished 2011