Genetic Code Expansion/Isabella Derler

Leitung Arbeitsgruppe - Genetic Code Expansion

Curriculum Vitae

Assistant Professor
(University of Linz)

University Assistant - Tenure Track Position Biophysical Signalling
(University of Linz)

Project leader (* maternity leave in 2015/16; 2019/20) (University of Linz)

Postdoctoral fellow at the Institute for Biophysics (University of Linz)

Postgraduate fellow at the Institute for Biophysics (University of Linz)

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Research interests

Calcium ions (Ca2+) are indispensable for a diversity of signal transduction processes within the human body. They guarantee for instance the unrestricted functionality of the immune system, cardiac function and neuronal signaling. All these processes are governed by a concerted interplay of millions of cells. Within a single cell, Ca2+ mediated signal transduction processes are tightly regulated by a sophisticated interplay of an immense variety of proteins that sense or transport Ca2+. A single defect in one of those proteins can lead to severe dysfunctions such as immune deficiencies, heart problems or neuronal diseases. Thus, a detailed understanding on the function and interplay of the Ca2+ signaling proteins is required to provide potential therapeutic strategies against such diseases.


We are using the currently emerging genetic code expansion technology in combination with tradtional methods such as Ca2+ imaging, electrophysiology and fluorescence microscopy, to deepen our insights into prominent Ca2+ and Ca2+ activated K+ ion channels. An expanded genetic code is an artificially modified genetic code in which one or more specific codons have been re-allocated to encode an amino acid that is not among the 22 common naturally occuring canonical amino acids. These include among others light-sensitive and chemoselectively reactive ones, which are specifically of interest for our understanding on ion channels.


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