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Students supervision

PhD students

Lisa Hain: Ongoing under the DOC project (by Austrian Academy of Sciences,OEAW) ‘Interaction of Borrelial Adhesins’


Master students

Clemens Flattinger: Characterization of bacterial curli fibers and their interactions using AFM. Finished 2017

Markus Rechberger: Topological characterization of antibiotic treated bacteria and biochemical treated interaction. Finished 2016

Michael Hubauer-Brenner: Nanoscale investigation of curli adhesion to cellular protein using tipless cantilever AFM (funded by antimicrobial surfaces company AMISTEC GmbH). Finished 2013



Bachelor students

Karin Albrecht: Interaction analysis of SARS-CoV2 spike and ACE2. Ongoing

Paul Heindl: Interaction analysis of SARS-CoV2 spike protein and mouse lectin CD209 B/D. Finished 2021

Johanna Schwarzmayr: Covid-19 Interaction analysis SARS-CoV-2 spike protein and Mgl1/2. Finished 2021

Flora Kaser: Characterization of the molecular interactions between decorin binding proteins and laminin using AFM. Finished 2018

Johannes Grahammer: Determination of the bond characteristics between decorin and decorin binding proteins using atomic force microscopy. Finished 2018

Luise Herrmann: Summary of CsgA purification. Finsihed 2017