Curriculum Vitae




Since 01/2013 RESEARCHER - LEADING SCIENTIST Nano-characterization
Collaboration joined R&D group 


12/2014 Marie Curie Fellow, ER, ITN Nanomicrowave 
06/2012 Inst. of Bioengineering of Catalonia 
Univ. of Barcelona, Spain 

10/2007 MASTER OF SCIENCE (Nanotechnology)
09/2008 Univ. of Barcelona, Spain 

Free University Berlin, Germany 
Specialization: Biophysics, optical 
spectroscopy, fluorescence

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Research Interests

We have a strong expertise in electrical metrology at the nanoscale based on scanning probe microscopy and other characterization techniques. We develop new techniques/ methods and apply them to solve open research questions in various fields like Biophysics, Electrochemistry, Material Science and Semiconductor-Physics - always with the focus on Nanoscience. The special technological emphasis on broad frequency and high speed electrical measurements at the nanoscale is combined with the development of accurate and numerical quantification procedures based on finite element modelling. 


  • Atomic Force Microscoopy 
  • Scanning Microwave Microscopy
  • Time Resolved Electrostatic Force Microscopy
  • Broad Band Electrostatic Force Microscopy
  • Electrochemical Microwave Scanning Tunneling Microscopy 


Metrology Institutions: Johannes Hoffmann (Metas Bern, CH), A. Schönhals (BAM - GER), Gabriel Aeppli (Paul Scherer Institute - CH)

Universities: Peter Pohl (JKU-AT), Stefan Müllegger (JKU-AT), Neil Curson (University College London - UK), Andrea Ferrari (Cambridge Graphene Centre - UK), Gabriel Gomila (IBEC - ESP), Didier Theron (IEMN - F), Romolo Maricelli (CNR Rome - IT), Gabriel Aeppli (EPFL, ETH Zurich CH)

Industrial companies: Ferry Kienberger (Keysight Labs- AT), Andreas Fuhrer (IBM Zurich - CH), Nicolas Clement (NTT - Tokyo Japan) 


Name Position E-Mail
Dr. Simon Grall Post Doc, Attract H2020
David Toth PhD student supervision, EFRE & SPM 2.0 ITN
Ivan Alic PhD student supervision, EFRE & SPM 2.0 ITN


2020-2023 NMBP EC H2020, PI JKU G. Gramse, Title: NanoBat, 
GHz nanoscale electrical and dielectric measurements 
of the SEI and applications in the battery manufacturing 
line. JKU amount: 427.500€. 

2019-2020 Attract EC H2020, PI G. Gramse, 
Title: Hardware module for single Ion channel 
spectroscopy with 100ps time resolution. 
Amount: 100.000€

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