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Permeation through the bacterial urea transporter UreI from Helicobactor pylori, FWF Austrian Science Fund (P 31074, 2018-2022, 388.185€), Project leader


Schwarz T., Striedner Y., Horner A., Haase K., Kemptner J., Zeppezauer N., Hermann P., Tiemann-Boege I., (2019) PRDM9 forms a trimer by interactions within the zinc finger array. Life Science Alliance. DOI: 10.26508/lsa.201800291

Hannesschläger C., Barta T., Siligan C., Horner A., (2018)  Quantification of Water Flux in Vesicular Systems. Scientific Reportsvolume 8, Article number: 8516 (2018)


Functional Importance of Local Electric Fields for Aquaporin Gating (FILEFA); 7 Billion core-hours at the supercomputer ForHLR, 2018-2019, Steinbruch Centre for Computing (SCC) at KIT Karlsruhe, project leader: Kristyna Pluhackova, co-PI: Andreas Horner