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PhD Student Supervision
2022- Anna Stoib, JKU Linz. Elucidating the pH gating mechanism of the inner membrane urea channel UreI from Helicobacter pylori using MAVE
2018- Barta Thomas, JKU Linz. Quantification of passive NH3/NH4+ permeability in large unilamellar vesicles
2018-2022 Johannes Wachlmayr, JKU Linz. Quantitative Evaluation and computational analysis of water transport through artificial vesicular systems
Master Student Supervision
2020- Sahar Shojaei, JKU Linz. Relative Solute and Solvent Permeabilities of Human Aquaporins
2020- Magdalena Behensky, JKU Linz (co-supervision: Dr. Johannes Mayr, PMU Salzburg)
2022 Armin Speletz, JKU Linz. Glycerol-water interplay in the aqua-glycerol facilitator GlpF of Escherichia coli
2022 Natasha Trajkovska, JKU Linz. Machine learning approaches for segmentation of aquaporin sequences (co-supervision: Assist. Prof. Dr. Günter Klambauer, AI JKU Linz)
2020/21 Anna Stoib, JKU Linz. Yeast growth and survival assays as a pre-screening method for quantitative in vitro protein characterization.
2018 Barta Thomas, JKU Linz. Quantification of the unitary channel turnover number for weak bases

Felix Julius Wolkenstein

2021 Lorenz Seiser, Passive NH3 and NH4+ Permeability though the Lipid Bilayer of Large Unilamellar Vesicles at Neutral and Acidic pH 
2021 Helena Kapurani, Investigation of single point mutations on HpUreIs proton rejection mechanism using Yeast Cells and Stopped-Flow
2021 Sara Shojaei, Investigation of single point mutations on HpUreIs proton rejection mechanism using Yeast Growth Assays
2021 Anna Drechslerová, Amino Acid Distributions at Oligomeric Membrane Protein Interfaces

Mirjam Odermatt, Optimization of Yeast Cell Assays for the investigation of HpUreI’s proton rejection mechanism

2020 Linnea Umlandt, AQUAPORINS: Analysis of Structural Flexibilities and Internal and Complex Stabilization
2020 Sascha Gratzl, Consequences of mutations on the characteristics of human aquaporin 0 – 12 and aquaporin-Z and the glycerol uptake facilitator protein of E. coli
2020 David Hollaus, Exploring the pH dependent conductance of gramicidin A derivatives
2019 Armin Speletz, Influence of detergent on the ensemble scattering traces during osmotic shrinkage of lipid vesicles
2019 Anna Eckerstorfer, Influence of the vesicle size distribution on an ensemble scattering curve during osmotic shrinkage