Public outreach and media coverage

Radio interview: Radio FRO, 2016; Local TV news, Oberösterreich heute, broadcast on the 21st of Dec

Interviews in newspapers and magazines: Mein Bezirk 2018, Der Standard 2017, 2015, 2011 (Austrian national news), The Scientist Magazine, 2012

Editorial/reviewer duties

  • Editor of the Springer Series Methods in Molecular Biology, “Methods in Haplotyping”
  • Ad hoc reviewer for journals American Journal of Human Genetics, Plos Genetics, Plant Cell, Analytical Chemistry, European Journal of Human Genetics, Genetics, and Genome Research, PLoS        Computational Biology, International Journal of Molecular Sciences 
  • Ad hoc reviewer for funding agencies: European Research Council (ERC), Czech Science Foundation, Vidi Program, Netherlands.

Committee duties

Program Committee of the Master's and Bachelor's Program in Bioinformatics, in Biological Chemistry, in Technical Physics, in Biophysics, and in Nanoscience and Technology, University of Linz; Associated Faculty of the Vienna Graduate School of Population Genetics

Societies and memberships 

American Society of Human Genetics, Society of Molecular Biology and Evolution, Austrian Genetics Society