Current Projects

DK Nano Cell


Keywords: structural functional analysis of mutations

Age related mutagenesis of driver genes in the male germline

Keywords: ultra-sensitive sequencing, mutations, paternal age effect, driver genes, duplex sequencing

Discovery of New mutations using ultra-sensitive sequencing

Keywords: duplex sequencing, next-generation sequencing, ultra-rare variants, mutation detection

Completed Projects

Binding properties of PRDM9


Keywords: recombination, protein binding kinetics, meiosis, Zn fingers, Prdm9

Higher mutations in older men

Keywords: paternal age effect, growth factors, FGFR, de novo mutation, spermatogenesis, germline mutations, achondroplasia

Mutagenetic recombination

Keywords: Mutation Rate, Recombination Hotspots, Meiosis, Hotspot Paradox, Genome Evolution, De Novo Mutation

Bead-emulsion amplification

Keywords: bead emulsion PCR, single molecule amplification, recombination hotspot, fluorescent imaging, bead array, microscopy scanning