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Vorstudie zu einem Journal Ranking "Politische Ökonomie"

Vorstudie zu einem Journal Ranking "Politische Ökonomie"

Journal ratings are now widely used by university administrations when making decisions on promotion, hiring and the allocation of workload. Because of the dominance of neoclassical mainstream economics most existing journal ratings are biased in favor of the standard economic approach and discriminate against journals dedicated to heterodox economics and/or political economy. In particular, at present there is no recognition of political economy as a distinct field. Specifically, in our project we suggest to create an integrated journal ranking for heterodox economics and related fields like economic sociology, international political economy or economic geography, that is, we aim to create a journal-ranking for political economy journals. Such a ranking would not only provide a more balanced and useful measurement of journal impact and visibility, but would also contribute to a more intense integration of said fields. The latter aspect is especially important as heterodox economics and political economy are research fields that are dispersed across several disciplines – a common journal-ranking would thereby provide an institutional anchoring point for political economy as a transdisciplinary field of research. 



Jakob Kapeller


06/2017 - 02/2018