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Image Processing for Optical Quality Control in Technical Processes

Alex Pedrosa-Yoldi

The aim of this project is to introduce the student to the setup design of an industrial quality control system, using video and image acquisition sources and the Matlab software for image processing. The brief report detailing the exercise covers the placement of the hardware, the pre-processing of the acquired images, and the design of a Simulink model, which decides whether the targeted bottles are okay or not.

The first part of the report illustrates the problems that must be solved to successfully test the targeted bottles. Specifically, an approach for the basic pre-processing operations is explained, as well as the configuration of the testing site, which must prevent false data, like uncontrolled lighting.

The second part of the report is the Lab Exercise. In the Lab Exercise it is demostrated how to make the device identification, supported video formats and configuration of the technical aspects of the camera used in the exercise. Once the equipment is installed and configured, the report explains how to acquire an image of a bottle with cap as a template, in order to compare it with the subsequently imaged bottles on an online Simulink model.

June 16, 2008