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The aim of this workshop is to provide a platform to present new advances and developments in ellipsometric application, science, and technology and related methods of metrology as well as to encourage interdisciplinary research.

The topics discussed at the workshop are intended to span from science to industrial applications. Contributions from a wide field of ellipsometry applications are welcome.

This workshop will provide a platform for young researchers to exchange experiences and gain knowledge on basics of ellipsometry and related methods as well as on a wide field of ellipsometry applications.

The workshop character will be accentuated for the following elements:

A session "Latest news and Open Problems" will take place where very recent results which are currently not fully understood, unresolved but interesting problems related to ellipsometry technique and data interpretation, and questions of ellipsometric terminology and standardisation can be discussed. Furthermore this session shall provide the opportunity to explore new fields of ellipsometry applications. Here, especially contributions of young scientists are welcome. The oral sessions will contain short talks with a lot of time for discussion.

Secondly, all speakers are encouraged to present their talk also as a poster in order to initiate further discussion at the poster sessions.

The posters will be shown all the time during the Workshop.