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Invited Speakers

Invited Speakers - 4th Surface Science Symposium (SSS-4)

Frédéric Grillot, Prof. Telecom Paris Efficacy of Raman mapping over ellipsometric
Corentin Guyot University of Mons, Belgium

Plasmonic nanocomposites embedding gold and silver nanoparticles: in situ synthesisi and local optical properties by spectroscopic imaging ellipsometry

Hilton Barbosa de Aguiar, Dr. Junior Research Chair at Ecole Normale Superieure Fast and high-sensitivity chemical imaging via compressive Raman microspectroscopy
Anne Sentenac, Dr. Institute Fresnel Towards deep super-resolution cohrent Raman scattering mcroscopy in scattering media
M.M.Stevens Imperial College London, U.K. Raman spectroscopicimaging for quantification of depth-dependent and local heterogeneities in native and engineered cartilage
Weihong Xue Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guiyang, China Raman spectroscopic study of MnAl2O4 galaxite at various pressures and temperatures