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News & Highlights


EDISON award in GOLD for sendance

The SoMaP spin-off company sendance has been awarded the prestigious EDISON award in GOLD for the best high-tech innovation in Upper Austria


Innovation Award Upper Austria 2020 for the SoMaP Team

Melanie, Florian, Martin and the entire SoMaP team have been awarded in the category "Scientific Institutes" for their work on innovative biogel…


SoMaP at the Ars Electronica Festival 2020

Nature-inspired robotics is collaborative, adaptable and ecological. With biodegradable and edible materials, new technologies that interact…


Video: Edible robotic elephant trunk

"The robots are coming, and you may be able to eat them"
Check out this interview with Melanie and Florian about our newly published research on soft,…


Publication: Soft electromagnetic actuators

Sharks and flowers made using soft electromagnetic actuators (SEMAs). Read more about these amazing shape morphing system made out of silicone and…


Publication: Resilient yet entirely degradable gelatin-based biogels for soft robots and electronics

New paper in Nature Materials describing innovative biogel material for soft robots.


Publication: Stretch-Safe - Magnetic Connectors for Modular Stretchable Electronics

Check out this wonderful article written by Martin Kaltenrunner and Doris Danninger in Advanced Science News discussing user-friendly medical…


Publication: Stretchable Polymerized High Internal Phase Emulsion Separators for High Performance Soft Batteries

SOMAP on the cover of Advanced Energy Materials highlighting research about polyHIPE ion conductive structures used in stretchable batteries.


Publication: A Lesson from Plants - High‐Speed Soft Robotic Actuators

Highlighted in "This month in pictures" and featured on the cover of Advanced Science - A Lesson from Plants: High‐Speed Soft Robotic Actuators!