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COSOPO: 3rd Intensive Program in Linz

The 3rd Intensive Program of the current cohort from the Joint Master Comparative Social Policy and Welfare (JKU – TAU – MRU) took place in Linz from 23/09 to 03/10 2019.

COSOPO Linz 2019

Our fellow students and teachers from our partner universities from Finland (Tampere University) and Lithuania (Mykolas-Romeris-University, Vilnius) visited us in Linz in order to start off with the courses from the 3rd semester of the current COSOPO cohort (6th program, 2018-20).


Amongst others, students were required to present their proposals for their Master’s Theses – covering a broad scope of topics and triggering a plenty of interesting discussions with an broad and interested audience.


Beside of the regular lectures, students and teachers spent a great time during our social program – from dinner at the traditional “Schatzbauer”, an excursion to lake “Traunsee”, where we conquered the peak of the “Kleiner Sonnstein”, to an excursion to Vienna, where we visited the Austrian Chamber of Labour (AK, Josef Wöss) and the European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research (Kai Leichsenring), as well as fascinating presentations on the social dimensions of the European Union (Dirk Jarré) and the Federal Ministry for Social Affairs (Georg Reibmayr).


We were happy to host our partners in Linz and bid farewell.