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Master Seminar “IBP”

Final Presentations WS 2022/23

IBP Gruppenfoto


On February 2nd, the final presentations of the Master Seminar “Interdisciplinary Business Project” of JKU´s Master Program “Management” took place at Stift Schlägl seminar center. The seminar is a cooperative teaching format of the Institute for Retailing, Sales and Marketing, the Institute for Strategic Management, and the Institute for International Management. Four cooperation partners (voestalpine Steel Division, Fronius International, Greiner AG and KEBA AG) participated in the seminar and did not only provide topics to the students, but also offered practice-oriented supervision.

This semester the students presented the following topics:

The Fronius student teams highlighted their results on “Customer Foresight” and “Buying Center Diffusion by Gen Alpha People”, whereas the voestalpine groups gave insights into the results of their topic “Structured Innovation using Search Fields” and “Sustainability”. The KEBA groups dealt with “Scenarios in the Automation Industry” and “Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assistants”. Last but not least the Greiner student group presented results on “Building Corporate New Venture Teams”.

The students successfully managed to present their solutions of practical marketing and strategy problems in B2B markets. After the presentations the project partners invited the students to the final event, a brewery tour at Stiftsbrauerei Schlägl, followed by a dinner at Stiftskeller Schlägl.

All supervisors are proud of the good work of our students, well done! We are looking forward to the next IBP!