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Special Topics on Bioinformatics (Biology/Chemistry/Physics/Mathematics):
Population genetics (2KV)

Course no.: 365.090
Lecturer: Günter Klambauer
Times/locations: Fri 09:15-11:00, room S2 219
Mode: KV, 2h
Registration: KUSSS, öffnet eine externe URL in einem neuen Fenster


Population genetics is the field of study that finally brought together Darwin's and Mendel's ideas and built the basis of modern evolutionary synthesis. The focus is on the distribution and the changes of distribution of genes in populations. Population genetics constructs mathematical models of evolution, studies their behavior and checks whether the states of populations are compatible with this behavior. Recently new molecular methods of detecting polymorphisms have brought dramatic changes to this field.

Basic mathematical knowledge is necessary for this course. It will start with a biological introduction and will then present models for mutation, selection and genetic drift. All theoretical concepts will be supported with real biological examples and data. In addition we will elaborate exercises that range from simple calculations to mathematical proofs.


  • Biological basics and methods
  • The Hardy Weinberg Law
  • Random genetic drift
  • Selection
  • Mutation
  • Inbreeding and other effects
  • Human population genetics