• Elektrostimulation des Ohres für die Tinnitustherapie
  • Semi-Numeric Boundary Element Method for Piezoelectric Fluid Sensors Using a Fourier Spectral Approach
  • A Pulse Based UWB Radar Sensor for Subsurface Sensing 
  • Comparision of UWB Target Indentification Algorithms for Through-Wall Imaging Applications
  • UWB Radar Calibration Using Wiener Filters for Spike Reduction
  • Remote Electromagnatic Excitation of High-Q Silicon Resonator Sensors
  • Droplet and particle manipulation in emulsions and  suspensions by using 3D electro-osmotic micropumps (W. Hilber - MEMS 2008)
  •  Gas Monitoring with a Fabry-Perot Based Bolometer: Cross-Sensitivity to Water Vapor (J. Mayrwöger, Eurosensors 2010)
  • Digital phase-locked loop circuit for driving resonant sensors (J. Sell, Eurosensors 2010)
  • Parallel DNA amplification unsing localized microwave heating in standard-microtubes (W. Hilber - µTas 2010)
  • A high fundamental frequency quartz biosensor intgrated into an electro-wetting-on-dielectrics based lab-on-a-chip (T. Lederer, µTas2010)
  • Material selection for impedance spectroscopy on an ewod based lab-on-a-chip (T. Lederer, MicroMechanics Europe 2010)
  • Best Poster Award (S. Cerimovic, Comsol Conference 2011)
  • Monitoring of Gas Mixtures by Means of a Flexible
    IR-Sensor System Utilizing Tunable Filters
  • An Electro Wetting on Dielectrics-System, Utilizing two different Dielectric Layers
  • Mid-Infrared Rib Waveguide Absorption Sensors Based on Si
  • Modeling of piezoelectric tube resonators for liquid sensing applications