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Best International/Comparative Industrial Relations Paper Award for Elke Schüßler

The paper Spillover Effects across Transnational Industrial Relations Agreements: The Potential and Limits of Collective Action in Global Supply Chains, öffnet eine externe URL in einem neuen Fenster co-authored by Elke Schüßler together with Sarah Ashwin (LSE), Chikako Oka (Royal Holloway), Rachel Alexander (LSE), and Nora Lohmeyer (Freie Universität Berlin) and published in Industrial and Labor Relations Review, a leading industrial relations journal, has been awared with the 2021 James G. Scoville Best International/Comparative IR Paper Award by the US-based Labor and Employment Relations Association (LERA). 

This award is given annually to a member of the LERA for authoring an international and comparative employment issues paper designated by LERA Best International Paper Awards Committee as the “most outstanding.”

The committee applauds the article because it deals with an important and current topic in transnational labor governance and is innovative in combining insights from literatures on industrial relations and private governance and incorporated the role of trust, which is undeveloped in existing IR literature. The mixture of interviews and observations convince as a robust qualitative research design.