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Call for Papers "Understanding the Platform Economy: Socio-Economic Dynamics in new Digital Markets"

We call for submissions for the Special Issue of Socio-Economic Review "Understanding the Platform Economy: Socio-Economic Dynamics in new Digital Markets, öffnet eine externe URL in einem neuen Fenster". Papers can be submitted immediately, but no later than 15 March, 2019. The targeted publication of the special issue is the July 2020 issue of Socio-Economic Review.

The rise of digital platforms challenges traditional approaches to the organization of markets, work, and consumption and suggests a new economic era some have called the “platform  economy.” The aim of this Special Issue is to better understand the socio-economic dynamics structuring the platform economy, with a focus on new “sharing” and gig labor platforms.  

Our aim is to bring together organizational, consumer, worker and regulatory  perspectives on the platform economy to shed a new light on emerging market structures as well  as central lines of contestation.  We aim not only to advance empirical understanding of this new phenomenon, but also to contribute to a more theoretically informed debate in this multi-disciplinary, multi-faceted field of research.