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Call for Submissions: The 5th Austrian Early Scholars Workshop in Management

The Fifth Austrian Early Scholars Workshop in Management, cohosted by JKU Linz and WU Vienna, provides an opportunity for advanced PhD students and academics in early career stages to present their research and discuss it with colleagues and professors from international and Austrian universities.
In addition to facilitating intellectual ex­change, this workshop supports the development of a global network of young graduates interested in management and organization studies from institu­tional, organizational and behavioral per­spec­tives. It is targeted at early scholars who aim at a continued academic career in the fields of organization and manage­ment theory, strategy, innovation, entrepreneurship, organizational behavior or public management. With several faculty members’ strong background in institutional theory, the Aus­trian Early Scholars Workshop pro­vides an en­vi­ron­ment particularly conducive to research inspired by institutional perspectives. However, it is open to and invites research that draws from a broad range of theoretical and metho­do­logical underpinnings.
Faculty: Regine Bendl (WU Vienna); Elango Elangovan (University of Victoria), Matthias Fink (JKU Linz), Royston Greenwood (University of Alberta), Bob Hinings (University of Alberta), Markus Höllerer (UNSW Business School & WU Vienna), Thomas Lawrence (University of Oxford), Renate Meyer (WU Vienna), Elke Schüßler (JKU Linz), Michael Smets (University of Oxford).
Convenors: Robert Bauer (JKU Linz), Giuseppe Delmestri (WU Vienna).
Deadline for short essays: 1. 3. 2017