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Crisis as an opportunity

Our head of institute, Elke Schüßler, is part of the current COVID-19 research of the VHBexperts initiative. She works on crisis events as an opportunity for organisational and institutional change. Most recently, she examined the impact of the Rana Plaza disaster on the improvement of labour standards in the global garment industry. How long can collective attention to grievances be maintained in the context of a crisis? Which mechanisms make it easier to initiate and implement organisational or institutional changes in the face of a crisis? What are the difficulties and problems involved? How sustainable are the changes triggered by a crisis?

She also discusses these questions in the collaborative open online course "Organizing in Times of Crisis: The Case of Covid-19, öffnet eine externe URL in einem neuen Fenster" in the short lectures "Organizational Decision-Making in Crisis" and "Organizing for Resilience in the Global Economy".