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New Book Contribution: Platform Worker Voice

book cover

Laura Thäter, Thomas Gegenhuber, Markus Ellmer and Elke Schüßler published the article “How do workers gain voice on digital work platforms? Hotspots and blind spots in research on platform worker voice” in the recently issued book “Missing Voice? Worker Voice and Social Dialogue in the Platform Economy, öffnet eine externe URL in einem neuen Fenster”. The book addresses the key debates and challenges surrounding the future of work, covering the macro, meso and micro levels of gig work. It provides a consideration of the ways in which technology is shaping the lives of those working in the gig and digital platform economy within the 21st century. In their chapter, the mentioned authors aim to provide an overview over the “hotspots” and “blind spots” regarding voice in digital work platform contexts and investigate the multiple ways in which platform workers may gain a voice. While we see a growing body of literature investigating the multiple ways in which platform workers may gain voice and what barriers workers face in these contexts, the current state of the literature remains quite fragmented and lacks a systematic, bigger picture. Against this background, the main goal of the author’s chapter is to give an overview of how platform workers, platforms, unions and regulators attempt to build and extend the means through which platform workers can influence platform-related affairs. We are thereby building on a framework that differentiates the continuums of “formal” and “informal” voice as well as on “individual” and “collective” voice.