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Gender Revolution in Austria and Poland?

Changes in egalitarian attitudes and behaviour in the perspective of the theoretical insights of Goldscheider, Bernhardt and Lappegard


The paper presents an empirical test of the theory of gender revolution by Goldscheider, Bernhardt and Lappegard in two countries: Poland and Austria. The two countries were chosen because they both are examples of conservative welfare states and intend to enlarge the involvement of men in childcare. The authors conducted a trend analysis to investigate the specific stage of gender revolution the two countries can presently be situated in. The statistical analysis was based on data from the International Social Survey Program (ISSP) at three different points in time: 1994, 2002 and 2012. The analyses revealed that the level of egalitarian attitudes in Austria is more prominent than in Poland. In both countries, women tend to be more egalitarian than men. The growth of egalitarian attitudes towards gender roles is increasing over time, but only in Poland, in turn, in Austria, an increase in egalitarianism in domestic and care work can be observed over time. No correlation between egalitarian attitudes and behaviour can be observed in Poland and Austria.