[national R&D] DIGI-SENSE Digital Sensemaking: Constructive Capacity Building for Co-Creative Transformative Change

The goal of this project is to advance our understanding of the mechanisms underlying artful articulation and sensemaking in digital transformation projects by examining the socio-technical design and development process through the lens of digital twins (DT). We aim to extend the existing approaches on Cyber-Physical System (CPS) development and sensemaking by incorporating the role of art-based articulation and DT in stakeholder processes.

While DT play a critical role in digitalization, little is known about how they manifest in users’ sensemaking while they are articulating needs when working with CPS information in digitized work/living settings. A mixed-method design will be adopted, consisting of experimental studies and interviews. Stakeholders with different levels of CPS development capabilities will perform a transformative design task based on articulation in the Digital SenseMaking Lab.

The project will help us better understand the process of sensemaking from the perspective of digital while human-centered CPS development support. The findings will also inform design of DT as information spaces facilitating sensemaking processes.

Institut für Wirtschafts
informatik -
Communications Engineering

01.01.2022 - 31.12.2023


Dr.in Claudia Schnugg


Daniela Brill MA