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Enabling Context-sensitive Behavior Adaptation of Information Resources in Dynamic Environments - Grounding Interoperability on Bigraphical Structures


Due to a highly complex and dynamic environment of extreme heterogeneity, the ability of digital systems to interoperate with each other has become evermore crucial. In order to achieve this interoperability, a variety of different requirements in terms of system interaction are necessary to be considered. From a systems perspective, these requirements not only encompass structural and behavioral characteristics of information resources but also their environmental conditions as a factor influencing their behaviors.

Subject of the present thesis therefore is the enabling of context-sensitive behavior adaptation of information resources in dynamic environments. With respect to ensuring adaptability, the European Interoperability Framework intertwined with system theory is introduced so as to disclose characteristics relevant to the description of information resources. An analysis of related work subsequently provides insights on representation approaches capable of encoding the identified characteristics. On this basis, a strategy is conceptually developed to depict digital systems in view of enabling the context-sensitive adaptation of information resources. This provides the foundation for a conceptual design of a context-sensitive platform to ground interoperability with respect to the adaptability of information resources.

Dr. Dominik Wachholder MSc. MBA