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REGULATING ECONOMY - Wirtschaftsrechts­gespräche an der JKU

Why the Direction of Innovation Matters - A New Perspective on Innovation Law in the Data Economy

Regulating Economy

Lecture by Prof. Dr. Matthias Leistner, LL.M.

If IP is viewed as an institution to promote welfare or, more generally, the common good, the direction (or type) of incentivized creativity/innovation clearly matters. IP research is aware of this aspect, in particular concerning the increasing focus on the structure of innovation (follow-on innovation; customer innovation; open innovation; just and attractive culture etc.).

But also the very direction of creativity or innovation is relevant and, in fact, is influenced by IP. This fact – which was well established in the 1960’s – has since then been increasingly obscured and replaced with an allegedly ‘neutral’, ‘non-discriminatory’ market failure approach. However, the direction of innovation plays a crucial role in all areas of IP, in particular in copyright, but also in regard to patents and, mostly, with regard to the recent regulatory approach of the EU Commission to the digital markets, data law and AI.


This event took place on the 28th of June 2022 in our Kepler Salon and on live stream on Youtube.

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