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IQD guest at cradle to cradle pioneering company gugler* print, Austria

As part of the new Master’s course in “Inovation, Design and Quality for the Circular Economy“ the IQD and its students visited gugler GmbH, öffnet eine externe URL in einem neuen Fenster, located in an award-winning nature-inspired office space situated between Linz and Vienna.

Founded in 1989, gugler* print is a family-owned medium-sized enterprise in the print industry and a quality and environmental management pioneer in Austria as demonstrated by various awards (e.g. Golden Pixel Award, WWF Panda Award, Austrian Sustainability Award, Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award). On site, Managing Director Ernst Gugler and Sustainability Manager Verena Anger gave us insights into the practical challenges and opportunities of their Cradle to Cradle approach to the Circular Economy.

Important steps for the quality pioneer gugler* print were sector specific quality standards (e.g. ISO 12467-2), environmental management systems (EMAS) and paper-related product standards guaranteeing wood from responsible sources (e.g. FSC, PEFC). On this basis gugler* print aimed at a more holistic quality approach addressing all life-cycle phases (covering raw material, production, use and end-of-life) of the product and has therefore become the world's first printing company that is able to produce Cradle to Cradle certified print products (see quality pyramid, öffnet eine externe URL in einem neuen Fenster).

Cradle to Cradle products are characterized by very high eco-toxicological quality (material health) and their potential for circular flows either in the form of biological nutrient (safe biodegradation and composting) or technical nutrients (e.g. toxics-free and safe paper recycling). With this approach they offer a unique solution to many quality and health issues faced by diverse industries (e.g. offgassing of toxic ingredients in print products; toxic residues in recycling paper/packaging and related food contamination).

It took the company a significant investment in research and development (R&D) and intensive collaboration with its partner companies along the supply chain, to offer print products in this highest quality level to its customers. Currently a licensing scheme enables gugler* print to spread this innovative printing product to further European countries.

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