Name Raum Durchwahl E-Mail
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Zoltan Major S2 174 6591 zoltan.major@jku.at


Name Raum Durchwahl E-Mail
Sandra Gnibba, BSc S2 175 6590 sandra.gnibba@jku.at


Name Raum Durchwahl E-Mail
Gerhard Wurzinger S2 241 6228 gerhard.wurzinger@jku.at

DI (FH) Boris Villagarcía Paliza

S2 241 6650 boris.villagarcia@jku.at

Junior Researcher

Name Raum Durchwahl E-Mail
Leonhard Doppelbauer, BSc S1 335 6652 leonhard.doppelbauer@jku.at
Eva Heiml, BSc S2 141 6598 eva.heiml@jku.at
Andreas Kapshammer, BSc S2 141 6598 andreas.kapshammer@jku.at
Andreas Krenmayr, BSc S2 141 6598 andreas.krenmayr@jku.at
Denise Krölling, BSc S2 141 6598 denise.kroelling@jku.at
Michael Lackner S2 141 6598 michael.lackner@jku.at
Sebastian Lämmermann S2 141 6598 sebastian.laemmermann@jku.at
DI Emil Pitz S2 141 6598 emil.pitz@jku.at
Florian Schininger, BSc S2 141 6598 florian.schininger@jku.at
Gabriel Seebach, BSc S2 141 6598 gabriel.seebach@jku.at
Ali Varli, BSc S2 141 6598 ali.varli@jku.at
Ernst Georg Viehböck, BSc S1 335 6652 ernst.viehboeck@jku.at
Lukas Watzinger S2 141 6598 lukas.watzinger@jku.at
Markus Wimmer, BSc S2 141 6598 markus.wimmer_2@jku.at




DI Dr. Matei-Constantin Miron


Dr. Ommeaymen Sheikhnejad-Bishe


DI Imre Kállai


DI Franz Hiptmair


DI Melinda Bozzay




DI Dr. Martín Machado

Modelling & simulation of continuous fibre-reinforced thermoplastic-matrix composites (2015)

DI Dr. Martin Reiter

Development, implementation and validation of an integrated simulation methodology for discontinuous fiber reinforced composites (2014)

DI Dr. Umut Çakmak

Experimental studies on time-temperature dependent bulk and surface behavior of soft composite materials (2014)




DI Daniel Laresser

Investigation of the Forming Behavior of a Thermoplastic Unidirectional Tape Laminate: Forming Experiment, Modeling, Simulation (2020)

DI Katrin Maria Angerer

Synthese und Charakterisierung des Deformationsverhaltens von Chitosan-Polyhydroxyethylmethacrylat Hydrogelen (2019)

DI Klaus Deinhofer

Investigation of technical elastomers’ injection molding processability and cross-linking kinetics under practical conditions (2019)

DI Tobias Ott

Mechanical optimization of a 3D printed cast (2019)

DI Malak Ahmad

3D printed optical components for THz-Spectroscopy (2019)

DI Olatz Ansola Rodríguez

Structural Redesign of an Airplane Seat Cushion (2018)

DI David Salami Olawale

Simulation and Experimental Characterization of a Carbon Fibre Reinforced Prototype (2018)

DI Kerstin Lehner

Modelling and Simulation of Lattice Structures Using Various Material Models for Polymeric Materials (2018)

DI Chi Nghia Chung

Prediction of Design Allowables for Fatigue of Polymer Matrix Composites using Reliability Methods (PTS, 2018); Application of some Viscoelastic Models for Additive Manufactured Materials (MPT, 2018)

DI Florian Kiehas

Experimental and Numerical Investigation of the Failure Behaviour of Polypropylene Compounds for Instrumented Puncture Tests (2018)

DI Emil Pitz

Multiscale Progressive Damage Modelling in Continuously Reinforced Composite Structures (2017)

DI Peter Dunzendorfer

Application of product development methodologies for injection moulded components for animal monitoring device (2017)

DI Matthias Schmid

Additive Manufacturing in Radio Oncology – Development of a non-invasive Patient Fixation Device (2017)

DI Jürgen Holzweber

Characterization and Modeling of the Fatigue Behavior of Thermoplastic Polyurethanes (2016)

DI Rainer Pauska

Ultrasonic Assisted Adherence (2016)

DI Philipp Pichler

Modeling and Simulation of Microcellular Foams (2016)

DI Philipp Siegfried Stelzer

Deformation Behavior and Damage Modeling of Polypropylene and Polycarbonate (2016)

DI Michael Voita

Einfluss der Rezepturparameter auf das Rückstellverhalten von Mischfaserfilzen aus Polypropylen- und Polyamid 6-Fasern (2016)

DI Manfred Wahlmüller

Calculation and Optimization of Plastic Water Tanks with Different Joining Techniques (2016)

DI Anna Kalteis

Validation and implementation of failure parameters in integrated simulations for short fibre reinforced polypropylene (2016)

DI Theresa Distlbacher

Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Large-Scale Welded Polymer Structures (2015)

DI Severin Neudorfer

Modelling and Simulation of Braided and Filament-wound Composite Torsion-Shaft (2015)

DI Matthias Leonhartsberger

Experimental Characterization and Simulation of the Mechanical Behavior of Thermo-plastic Elastomers (2015)

DI Philipp Grömmer

Simulation and Testing of Short Fiber Reinforced Injection Molded Polymer Gears (2015)

DI Paul Götzendorfer

Development and Implementation of a Modular Design and Simulation Concept for Injection-Molded Components (2015)