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You find us in the TNF tower 8th floor ...  more of Campusplan (Titel)


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The sun, bringer of world peace | Niyazi Serdar Sarıçiftçi | TEDxLinz ...  more of THE SUN, BRINGER OF WORLD PEACE (Titel)


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Organized by LIOS March 10th to March 17th 2018 ...  more of INTERNATIONAL WINTERSCHOOL FOR BIOELECTRONICS BioEl 2018 (Titel)


International Symposium for the 80th Birthday of Prof. Alan J. Heeger (Nobelprize 2000) 21st of March, 2016 ...  more of ORGANIC ELECTRONICS IN THE 21st CENTURY (Titel)

Solar Energy for World Peace

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Organized by LIOS ...  more of Solar Energy for World Peace (Titel)


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African Network for Solar Energy was launched in Linz on 4 November 2011. ...  more of ANSOLE (Titel)

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Biosensors for Sustainable Food - New Opportunities and Technical Challenges
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