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1. Effect of alkoxy side chains on intra and interchain exciton coupling in PPE-PPV copolymers solution
M. Guesmi, A. Ben Fredj, S. Romdhane, N. Bouguerra, D.A.M. Egbe, R.W. Lang, M. Havlicek, N.S. Sariciftci, H. Bouchriha
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D. H. Apaydin, S. Schlager, E. Portenkirchner, N. S. Sariciftci
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27. A facile approach to tailoring electrocatalytic activities of imine-rich nitrogen-doped graphene for oxygen reduction reaction
M. S. Lee, D. R. Whang, H.-J. Choi, M. H. Yang, B.-G. Kim, J.-B. Baek, D. W. Chang
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S. K. Putri, Y. H. Kim, D. R. Whang, M. S. Lee, J. H. Kim, D. W. Chang
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Energy Technology

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E. Kianfar, D. H. Apaydin, G. Knör
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Thin Solid Films 645 (2017), 320