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You will find us at Science Park 2,  1st  floor.

You will find us in Science Park 2, 1st floor. ...  more of Map of Campus (Titel)

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Single-Screw Extruders

  • Measuring extruder 60/33D (SML)
  • Measuring extruder 45/36D (Krauss Maffei)
  • Measuring extruder 45/28D (SML)
  • Measuring extruder 35/34D (SML)
  • Measuring extruder 35/34D (SML)
  • Measuring extruder 35/24D (SML)
  • Measuring extruder 25/18D (esde)
  • Measuring extruder 25/18D (esde)
  • Measuring extruder 25/18D (esde)
  • Coextruder 35/24D (SML)
  • Coextruder 30/25D (Extrunet)
  • Coextruder 30/25D (Extrunet)
  • Lab-scale measuring extruder 19/33D (ThermoFisher)

Twin-Screw Extruders

  • Conical counter-rotating extruder (battenfeld-cincinnati)
  • Parallel co-rotating extruder 25/40D (Berstorff)
  • Parallel co-rotating extruder ZSE 27 (Leistritz)

Extrusion Freeforming

  • 3D Printer (Evo-tech)
  • Filamentextrusion (self construction)

Continuous Rheometers

  • Slit capillary rheometers at three different dimensions (ThermoFisher)
  • Elongational rheometer ( self construction, ThermoFisher)
  • Double-slit rheometer for production-related measurements (Greiner)

Discontinuous Rheometers

  • Rotational rheometer MCR 302 for parallel plate and cone-plate mode (Anton Paar)
  • High capillary rheometer Rheograph 25 with pvt and thermal conductivity modules (Göttfert)

Extrusion pipelines

  • Pipe coextrusion unit DN 125 mm (battenfeld-cincinnati)
  • Pipeline DN 32 mm (Graewe)
  • Profile coextrusion unit (Greiner)
  • Sheet lines 4 mm (self construction, die EMO)


  • Dry air dryer with molecular sieve (Piovan)
  • Heatable pressure calibrator (Dynisco)
  • Gravimetric dosing (Brabender)
  • EUP 50 underwater pelletizing (Econ)
  • Haake Minijet Pro

Welding Equipment

  • Polypress 75 socket welding (WIDOS)
  • Welding machine for plastic pipes (WIDOS)
  • Welding extruder (Wegener)
  • Welding machine for PVC profiles (elumatec)


  • CUT 6062 automatic microtome (SLEE medical)
  • Axio Scope.A1 back and front light microscope (Zeiss)
  • Stereo zoom microscope (Mueller-Optronic)


  • ANSYS Workbench (including DesignModeler, Meshing, Polyflow Solver, Polymat, Polystat and CFD-Post)
  • OpenFOAM
  • Wolfram Mathematica
  • Pro | Engineer Wildfire